Download PUBG for Xbox One

Download PUBG for Xbox One 1

Last December, we saw the release of Miramar for Playerunknown’s Battleground for the PC. Now we finally have it for the Xbox One. This brand new map comes with a complete list of bug fixes and offers an experience that is more stable, across the board.

As far as general contents, here’s what you can expect:

  • The addition of the new “Miramar” map.
  • A Battle Royal experience that is designed to be completely different than any other.
  • Terrain that is both elevated and extreme, with more tall buildings and a lot less trees. This provides players the opportunity to play around cover.
  • There is now more differentiation when it comes to on road and off road characteristics. This means that the vehicle type you choose will become much more critical and important.

There are also some new items that come with the new Miramar map. You will notice:

  • A revolver handgun, the R45, will be available as a world spawn. Up to six rounds of 45 ACP ammo can be loaded at once. You can now equip red dot sights. Reload speed is now faster and the accuracy and damage rate is higher.
  • A lever-action rifle, the Win 94 uses 45 ACP ammo. You can load eight rounds at once and bullet loops can be attached. Severe damage is inflicted by this midrange weapon that is best suited for players at higher levels.
  • A small sawed off shotgun. This weapon uses 12-gauge ammo, two of which can be loaded at the same time. Severe damage is inflicted. It can be equipped to the handgun slot in the inventory.

PUBG for Xbox One

Download PUBG for Xbox One

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