PUBG Gameplay and its Realistic Interface 2020

PUBG Gameplay and its Realistic Interface 2020 1

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online battleground game which is available on all the operating system app stores. This game is basically developed by Korean Video Game Company.

This game is basically based upon the Battle Royal film which was the Japanese movie. This is also the most liked game of the players in the 2019. The modes and the features of this game are very realistic. Playing this game is always a joy for the all PUBG users around the globe. They are also updating their stats and game features in every update. Basically in start it is a mobile phone game but due to its users demand later on they introduce the Desktop or PC version of the game which found users in a healthy way.


PUBG Gameplay

In this game startup more than 100 players are playing the game talking to each other listening to everyone on a speaker or a microphone and changing this mode only for their team members as well. So basically all players are parachute onto an Island where they have to collect weapons from the different rooms, floors and the house garages. They have to gather more weapon and killing other players without harming themselves and collect their weapons to survive kill others and be a last for the win. They soft drinks for health and the health badges are also available in the Game play for the survival whenever your player got shot. You have to keep your player away from the red zone area otherwise lifeline of your player lasted. Players are playing in a team helping their team members, driving vehicles in the game to get their self away from the Red Zone or for reaching the final point. They are also provided with the feature of listening to music while driving.

PUBG Interface

The User Interface of the game is very realistic the greenery of the Island, water and mountains also attracts you to play the game. You also have many options to manage your inventory like managing weapons in your bag, throwing extra bullets and saving soft drinks for the health. You can also change the look of your player buy changing dress, shoes etc.

PUBG 2020

PUBG is very popular mobile game of the 2019 due to its Game Play and the better realistic User Interface. Players in this game are growing professional day by day and different gaming events also giving the opportunity to PUBG players to win the competitions.

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