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Now you can download PUBG for Windows PC, Playstation PS4, Xbox ONE, Android, Iphone and Ipad. The developer’s updates even went so far as to provide “before and after” sequences and clips that allowed players to hear the differences in the way the audio systems have been changed. They made a point to note that they have specifically been watching for feedback from the community. Most of that feedback has included statements to the effect that the new changes in sound could be best described as “garbled” or “weird”.

On a subreddit, some have asked questions pertaining to the patches for FPS that had been promised by the PUBG Corp. Fans were assured that this has not been forgotten, and added that they are still working along with the development team. They went on to say that they were digging into more specifics as to what kind of steps they can take towards better performance issues. Hints were left that limb penetration could be next for PUBG, saying they had already found a way to add that information, which would be disclosed at a later point in time, when they are actually ready to unveil it.

In the meantime, players are now aware of the Ghillie Crossing, which is a new event mode. According the description, this hundred-man blowout only allows players to use crossbows and melee weapons.


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