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Desert Knights: PUBG Brings Back the Knights

Recently, the popular game PUBG started to introduce its players with a more than grand varieties of new features, modes, updates and collaborations with other platforms in order to solidify the game’s increasingly growing status in the domestic and international

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3 main points from the latest Patch on PUBG

The official release happened back in December and there have not been many changes to the gameplay of player unknowns’ battle ground patches. It is all about to change with the 1.0 update 12 patch that is the biggest so

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Understanding How to Rotate The Final Few Circles

Chances are you are probably making this mistake about how to rotate that last final zone and take out the final PUBG players, sometimes it also happens where you just get unlucky. This zone is really weird and you get

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PUBG Debuts its Miramar Map

It’s very obvious that Tencent gaming platforms are gaining even more popularity by the day as each game gets an updated version or a bundle of enhanced features every now and then. However, the latest 0.5.0 smartphone update of Tencent’s

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