PUBG’s New Seasson for PS4 and PC

PUBG's New Seasson for PS4 and PC 1

Player Unknown Battlegrounds, commonly referred to as PUBG, is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market. It stands on its own amid giant competitors such as Fortnite among others. The game has become synonymous with the genre and made a place for itself in the gaming arena. This is partially due to its original status and its ability to keep up with the trends.

And now that summer is here, the time for the PUBG Seasson 7 Royale Pass has come to an end. The official end date for the season was on July 14th of 2019. The previous season, the seventh one, featured a military theme that seemed strongly suited for the game’s style. Some players were hesitant about the initial release of it as it did not come with as many new additions as was expected.


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The ending of the previous season signaled the start of the Season 8 Royale Pass. The release date for it was on July 17th of 2019. The trailer was released on the same day via Youtube displaying the fun to be had by players. However, there is a disclaimer in the trailer that states the footage is promotional and may not reflect actual gameplay. The theme was ocean-inspired, assumedly for summer, and comes with many new additions and rewards that those enjoying the game can experience.

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In regards to actual gameplay, there are a few new weapons and general items that will now be available in the main game. The creators of PUBG have also added a third person perspective mode that will allow players to have a different viewing option while playing, something that will be a nice addition in itself.

There will also be new challenges for those gamers who wish to partake in them that center around the new ocean theme.

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New, and exciting depending on who you ask, things have arrived at PUBG with more to come in the future. The game is ever evolving and the latest Battle Royale Season is further proof of that. Improved gameplay and updates have demonstrated that there has been a willingness to build on past success and move into the future as it approaches.

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No matter what happens, Season 8 is sure to be one filled with change and growth for the famous game, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, that has emerged as a fan-favorite over the years on the battlefield.

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