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The immensely viral game PUBG Mobile has been continuously reaching out to more players and fans around the world through presenting regular updates and new features. In 2019, the developers of the game are working even more diligently to popularize PUBG Mobile in many more marketes and communities.

PUBG Mobile Becomes the Top Game

The upcoming PUBG update is set to bring the fans some unique gadgets, vehicles and weapons along with a new mode – Payload. Fortunately, it was revealed in the past few days that PUBG Mobile is officially one of fastest growing gaming platforms of all times; the game is available for iOS and Android devices which has enabled it to accomplish more than one billion dollars in revenues in 2019.

This year has been a massive success for PUBG Mobile as millions of new players joined the gaming platform; the success of the game easily added to its established reputation making PUBG Mobile the top game of the year. Interestingly, the mobile game witnessed palpable growth and increase in several markets since January which has doubled its profits.


PUBG Mobile is of course competing with other big names, most prominently Fortnite, and that’s why the regular updates and heavy commercial campaigns are being released every now and then. The achievement of one billion dollars in revenues will unquestionably prompt owners and developers of PUBG Mobile to start working on bigger plans in the near future!


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