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Download PUGB for Windows PC 1

Download PUGB for Windows PC now! PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, not surprisingly, is still one of the gaming industry’s most dominating forces, especially now that updates are coming faster. The mobile version has really seen the benefits of these updates, which just attained the Miramar map as Xbox One has. It is true that the mobile version of PUBG may not have the comfort of a controller, or a keyboard and mouse, but an interesting hack has come to life that improves the overall control scheme of mobile devices.


If you are one of those who does not really care of the default controls for PUBG’s mobile version, you will be interested to find out what Toomad316, a Reddit user, has come out with. In essence, all you need is a small strip of tape and the wrapper from a piece of bubblegum.

Fold the wrapper so that it is both thin and strong, place one end on the melee button, using the tape to hold it in place. Fold the wrapper, next, and rip off some of the end piece to make it shorter. If you have put everything together correctly, pulling or tapping the wrapper acts like the trigger so that the mobile game with shoot or punch.

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Download PUGB for Windows PC

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