Understanding How to Rotate The Final Few Circles

Understanding How to Rotate The Final Few Circles 1

Chances are you are probably making this mistake about how to rotate that last final zone and take out the final PUBG players, sometimes it also happens where you just get unlucky. This zone is really weird and you get screwed over and you can’t really do anything about it, those games happen and those kind of just have to shrug off but when you have the opportunity to make a play and the zone is relatively fair for everyone this is where you have to take control.

You need to have a confident play style and let’s say your zone have an uneven side then that’s typically how it goes your best bet is going to be to get on the thinnest side of the zone and clear that out from left to right or top to bottom, sweep one area, clear everybody out.

The reason why you want to be on the thinner end is because the circle is going to move in a lot slower and it won’t outrun you depending on if you are on like the thicker side.

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