Desert Knights: PUBG Brings Back the Knights

Desert Knights: PUBG Brings Back the Knights 1

Recently, the popular game PUBG started to introduce its players with a more than grand varieties of new features, modes, updates and collaborations with other platforms in order to solidify the game’s increasingly growing status in the domestic and international markets. So, the game’s developers, in the past days, brought back the famous “Desert Knights” to the Xbox One version of the viral game.

And as the feature was officially incorporated into the latest PUBG version, multiple other features and characteristics of the gaming sessions were modified to present new aspects of the game. For instance, the limited time event involves group queues and some new gaming restrictions.

Desert Knights

Reportedly, the success of the “Desert Knights” in the first week of its comeback made the game’s developers extend their existence for a longer period of time. However, the second round of the “Desert Knights” in PUBG brings about some changes; for example whilst the main areas of the revived feature remain in the Miramar world, the number of gamers allowed in the single battling group is increased – form 20 to 24 players; so, the groups are now split into subgroups of eight gamers. And as the game takes place, the gamer will be equipped with level three vests, backpacks, weapons, first aid kit, a couple of grenades and helmets.

Once in the gaming field, the gamer tries to earn his team as much points as possible; he can, for example, eliminate an opponent and thus he’ll earn his team three winning points; and as the game progresses, the first team to achieve a total of 150 points wins the gaming session; also if the team has the top score by the end of the gaming time, the team wins even if the points score is less than 150.

There are, however, some features that are not made available whilst playing the “Desert Knights”; the gamer will not receive any care packages throughout the match and the red zone is changed as well. Also, the feature of the “Dynamic Weather” is disabled in a “Desert Knights” session and there aren’t any friendly fires to be found anywhere through the Miramar. Thankfully, the time span of the single match is extended to 15 minutes allowing the gamers more time to figure out how to avoid getting shot.

And if any gamer dies, he’ll be brought back to the plane after thirty seconds of his death; after that he can try and get back to the gaming field by carefully landing on one of the few safe zones on the Miramar. As of now, the “Desert Knights” matches are available on Xbox One consoles, and hopefully they’re going live on other consoles very soon.

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