3 main points from the latest Patch on PUBG

3 main points from the latest Patch on PUBG 1

The official release happened back in December and there have not been many changes to the gameplay of player unknowns’ battle ground patches. It is all about to change with the 1.0 update 12 patch that is the biggest so far and includes bug changes the PUBG have seen. On the developers PUBG corp a comment was made last week that the patch is trying to change the way players think about the guns being used in the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and are wanting to give the weapons a more defined role for each weapon class.

They also tweaked the loot spawning and added a muscle car into the mix in the Miramar map. The changes are being tested on the PUBG test server and will go live as soon as they confirm it is stable.

These are the three biggest changes to know about the biggest patch so far.


The guns are re-balanced

The PUBG corp have said the point of the patch is to change the weapon balance. Every gun class has been hit with massive changes, but the most noticeable changes were made to the assault rifles that have more recoil and apparently do less damage. There is hope to replace the AR’s in the short range of course are shotguns and the sub-machine guns that managed to received more damage increases.

People are wondering is this change going to shake the way the players think about the looting as you explore the islands of the game?

New DMR appearing

Its hard to recall the last time guns were added to the game but in this patch the SLR has given players a new toy to explore. A 7.62 semi-automatic marksman rifle that is quite like the SKS meaning it goes better at a longer range. It needs to stand out from the other weapons and by all means the SLR is able to do more damage than any however it comes with a worse recoil.

New grips but no more level three helmets

This appears to be a strange change by the PUBG corp removing the level three helmets from everywhere except for the car packages. This means the level three helmet is a more rarer item now you would think they would make it more powerful, but it certainly is not. The other looting change is the added three new grips and new scopes. Each have their own tricks and drawbacks of course so you will need to spend some personal time with each to decide which one suits you better.

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